I know there was a time when all this made sense
We stayed there for a while
You wore a blue fedora and I was alarmed by your driving style

Now we made a huge mistake and really messed things up
Now they’re imitating us
We were the ones at fault and now we have to fix all of this somehow

It’s just like Chicago
Except with more guns and now we’re on the run
You wanted to split up
And so I hijacked the radio while you were in the bag

They don’t understand even thought they think they do but they really don’t
Just a little muscle and a few fancy heaters could really change it all

It’s like we’re back in Chicago trying to fit in and stumbling through Fizbin
We’re trying to make them see we have a wrong to right, unless it’s Tuesday night

Stop trying to be like us
There’s got to be a better way
We’re not as great as you might say
You have to choose for yourselves and follow your own path
No book can teach you that


Mike: Guitar, Vocals
Chris: Keys, backing vocals
PJ: Guitar
Noah: Bass
Andy: Drums