An ancient drive of  hidden size, it calls across the stars
I feel the change, I feel the flame, you know this is Pon Far.
I hurry now through space, a deadly invitation late
A burden that I carry now and logic stripped away

I thought that I might be immune, but instead I am consumed
A time of wanting and of madness and of seething all ….just to get to

You, pre-destined and both linked as two
I’ll be there soon, with my civility cut and hewn
I sink into the plak-tow, will I suffer you?

I’ve carried it, a burden to myself and all my crew
It’s forbidden here to speak of it, and harder to construe
Take me now, I lose myself, I’m locked here in my room
My heart is fire, my eyes they burn, I cannot be subdued

This blood fever it called me home, the koon-ut-kal-fee has hold
This ancient claim its single goal, biology controls then disa-

Vows. We stand, a body lies on the ground.
Woke from plak-tow, my captain and my friend somehow.
A certain vow: I won’t live long or prosper now.

As time goes by,  you might find
That having never satisfies like  the wanting in your mind
It’s not logical I know, but it’s true and now I go
To live with what I’ve sacrificed

Amok time



Noah:  Lead Vocal and Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal and Lead Guitar
PJ:  Backing Vocal and Bass
Mike:  Backing Vocal and Keyboard
Andy:  Drums