I don’t want to be in this place but here I am
Trying to get back what I lost before you began
Turning my friends against me as you deceive
Do you know what Halloween is?
Trick or Treat

Sylvia, I thought we were together until I saw you with another
You think I’m a puppet, a fool, I am a catspaw
You’re a traitor
You forget what we came here for

Once again I’m being used
When will I learn to shut my big mouth before my friends get frozen or burned?
This power of allure you’ve got
Resistance is tough
I’ve got to tell you Sylvia, I’ve had enough

What the hell?
Now another is under your spell
I guess I wasn’t all that special
Well I see you starting to making a mess
I tried to help him but I got crushed in the process

Sylvia, I never wanted to kill you
I can’t help but think that inside you were misunderstood
A catspaw following a catspaw
I just didn’t want to be your catspaw

Mike: Guitar, Vocals
Chris: Keys, Backing Vocals
PJ: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Noah: Bass, Backing Vocals
Andy: Drums