A dead and buried city, (hey!) 
A planet in a glacial age.
Primitive men walk around
Afraid of what is underground

Atmosphere’s alright to breathe
A maximum forty degrees
Just me and Jim’s security
A phaser and a rock to heat

It might seem cold, but it was colder in Russia. 2x

What could Others do to cause such terror? 
This wait could get long, I’ll heat a rock with a phaser.
They said pain and delight. That’s a peculiar mixture. 
A male humanoid who doesn’t know the word “female”.
It might be a long wait.
Well it might be cold, but you know, We may as well be comfortable. 

(alternate talking)
Spock’s got no brain, he’s walking around like a robot
They’re gotta find it underground, because apparently he lost it.
They said they’d keep in constant contact, but I’m hearing nothing.
Hanging around with cavemen and redshirts, well …things have been rougher
Well it might be cold, but you know, we might as well be comfortable.

It might be cold, but it was colder in Russia 2x