It all began when we were younger
We had become friends
Then came that day that I forgot that switch
That’s when the friendship ends

Busted down my career gone now
And I have you to blame
On board your ship, but you do not suspect
I wish your fate to be the same

And I will deceive you and sacrifice your name
To reveal what is true and contradict your claim

They’ll take from you what they took away from me
And you will be forgotten. This Court Martial will see.

Though it appeared the pod ejected
With me still inside
The Red Alert had not yet been reached,
And now it’s your fault that I died.

So I will wait for you. In madness, I will hide
This day of truth, I’ve been waiting for
No one will change this fate that comes your way,
And now it’s time to even the score

But what is this? They’re all aboard now,
Suspecting my plan
Betrayed by heart, Kirk will find me now,
So I’ll battle him man-to-man

And I will defeat you and sacrifice your name
To destroy what is true and make good for your blame

Your sanity won’t save you from the madness inside me,
And I will finally kill you. This court martial will see.



Chris:  Lead vocal, Backing Vocals and Guitar
Mike:  Lead Guitar
PJ:  Bass
Noah:  Keyboard
Andy:  Drums