What is left to say about Spock’s Brain that we have not already said? That was the question I asked myself many times while deciding what to do with this song.  As many know, we have already written 10 songs about this, the most infamous, episode of Star Trek. We put out an entire album about Spock’s Brain!  Sure, it would be easy to just pick a song from our album and feature it again; however, I wanted the chance to do something new and different. Having already written so many songs about this episode, that freed me up from having to pay any serious tribute to the episode. It allowed me, basically, to do whatever I wanted. So I did.

Spock’s Brain is the last song that we worked on for this album. The rest of the band didn’t even know what it would sound for a long time.  We actually ran through it once at practice a while back but they had no idea that this is what they were working on.

The only thing I will tell you about this is that it will not feature the line “brain and brain, what is brain?”, nor will it mention morgs and eymorgs.  It also will not have anyone shouting “Spock’s Brain!” repeatedly.

This track will be an experiment. An attempt to do something that we have not done before. Hopefully, it will be well-received. If not, you have 10 other songs to listen to if you don’t like this one

Five Year Mission
Year Four
Spock’s Brain
Written by Mike Rittenhouse (with contribution from Noah Butler)