I’m a soldier, not a diplomat
Your culture’s been arrested in the past
For our help you only need to ask

You should stand up for yourselves
You speak of courage, but does courage mean so little to you?

You know war is our way of life
We are here now to occupy
If you don’t comply you will die

We require your obedience
You will follow our rules and regulations to the T
Sentimentality and mercy are emotions of peace

Organia just sits there smiling as the armies move in
What will it take to get them to stand up for what they believe in?

We are a peaceful simple race
Violence is simply not our way
Won’t you put your weapons away?

We don’t want harm to come to you
We will intervene when it becomes necessary
And it seems the time is now

Organia will not sit by and let you destroy yourselves
We’ll put an end to all of this war before it becomes hell
Millions will die before peace is achieved, this is the best way
So never forget what Organia has done for you this day




Mike:  Lead Vocal and Guitar
Noah:  Lead Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal and Bass
PJ:  Backing Vocal and Keyboard
Andy:  Drums