She’d given up, her life forfeit,
Honor gone, her husband dead,
She had nothing left to linger on for

Protests were made, no one could hear
The child inside would be Teer,
But there were those who wouldn’t stand to see more

No man may touch me, this is why,
It is my right to see you die,
She cried, although, he had surely saved her

Her mind was changed, a chance to give
It’s always desirable to live
They fought their way out and eluded their jailor

And as they ran for the rocky hills,
They find out Eleen hates the unborn child

An injury had been sustained,
And Eleen had been ordained,
And would not allow the touch of any stranger

But the doctor, he was healing bent,
And in the end, she did relent
Unconventional, he gained a respect from her

He said you must say, “the child is mine,”
Not mine, you say, “the child is mine.”
She looked at him, her expression changing

The child came, it cried, and cried,
The mother’s pain and doctor’s pride,
Into a world where lives were rearranging

And Eleen took the opportunity,
To light out with the doctor lying on the floor

The Time had come, she ventured back,
To her people, who were on attack
She told them that she had lost the baby

But things got tense and kind of strange
Maab gave his life and took her place
She was free to live, and now the child could be

The Teer when he became of age
The regent’s role, Eleen would play,
A nobler cause, she could never hope for

The doctor, he returned to space,
His name honored by the Capellan race
The captain, too, had earned his place in their lore

And the child, loving and giving, will go on to rule the world.

Leonard James Akaar

Chris: Guitar, Vocal
PJ: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Noah: Bass
Mike: Keys
Andy: Drums