I’d never seen you around but I remember it now, I was just up there and look at what I found, I took the elevator down
Oh you shoulda seen
You were something to see, brought me right to my knees, you made me beg now honey.
But i said something right and I know that I mighta got into your head
Though I could not stay in your bed
You let me slip out instead
You know I had to be free.

You’re complicated but give, at times you act like a kid
Other times you keep me hanging on your lips
And you break the rules a bit
And it’s nice to see
But you’re best when you please and you give it for free
And your lovin is all that I need

I know you wanna believe, this new world it can be
hard for you to hard to see,
Oh baby please don’t be so mean
And we can make it be.
Aw, do this for me

Hey Kara, whatcha doing tonight?
Come warm me up you know its cold outside.
Watcha thinkin now, Kara, whatcha feeling inside?
Come teach me something and we can do it right.

I hear you got a brand new boy
Who’s got nothin but his smarts
But a big brain don’t make it worth it
We can always survive on hearts
And when everythings told, he will leave you exposed
And you’ll be sitting there all broken and alone
But I know that you know that it’s slowly growing out of your control
And you can be down there on your own
Or up here in the cold
Oh I wanna know.

hey Kara, what’s your pleasure tonight?
Come see your world, come share the light outside
I know your knowledge is forbidden and so divine
come teach me something so we can make it right

Hey Kara, Hey Hey Kara…