I feel like my neck is in a sling.
No relaxing for a couple of weeks.
One hundred fourteen arguments to speak
Half of them mad at the other half

Well don’t you bring up Coridan now
disputing, debating it out
And the issues are complex
And the feelings are upset

My decisions are a choice of strife
And time is running out for us tonight
Even when his body’s been incised, drugs might take his life
Family and blood– only you can supply… alright

Don’t give me calculations of mind
Unemotional and logical lines
You may not think I’m up to changing up your mind
But you know I’ll give it to try

I know, I know only half of you’s that way
buried away, buried away
But there is always all of me
My heart, my hands instinctively
Save your frozen heart and mind
I’m a doctor every time

Things are getting out of hand
Looming threats and murders planned
There’s only so much I can fear, because my work is still right here.
When it gets shaky and the path remains unclear… right here

We cut it close, but we’ll be seeing it through
On our stamina, lucky for you
I’m only human and I’m just one man
I don’t expect you to understand

I know, you know these last words are for me
For the moment just what I need
So don’t talk, just sit back down
This is what I do and I’m proud
I got nothing here to prove
I’m a doctor, I’m not you.

Noah: Guitar, Vocal
PJ: Lead Guitar
Mike: Bass
Chris: Keys, Backing Vocals
Andy: Drums