Uninvited I show up. My name is Jim.
Unsuspecting friends you invite me in.
You introduce me to your god.
I tell you he’s a fraud.
Then I proceed to set you free

At first you always hesitate until I prove
My culture is more advanced than you

and so I destroy your ways
of functioning day to day
because I know
that’s the way to go

My directive is prime
and I’m right every time
and this time I think that you’ll find
it’s a better day
Soon all of you will see
you, too, can be happy
and know what it’s like to be free
when you live my way

No matter what your mistake is I’ll set you straight
an old malfunctioning computer is only in your way

I’ll teach you about love and sex
and leave you to explore it
even though you don’t know how
I’m sure you’ll figure it out


I Insist you be like me.
Then I have to leave
you to fend for yourselves

Old computer, ancient reckoner of lives,
Calculator,  programming for child-like minds,
Your controller, you blindly follow it for life
Just break the rules here I promise it won’t be your demise