You come around here floating, changing your state and knowing
You sense my blood in the air, you feel my feet here slowing
You are the silence and speed — you are the sickening sweet
You are a distant memory, you take the life out of me

Now now now (you want it)
So you can do what it takes
now, now, now (you need it)
All you know is to take
Now now now (you got it)
It’s just a, just a way, that you can split in future days


I am decision unsound. An intuition broke down.
I am persistent vision. I am a strong fixation.
I am single-minded, I am well confined and
I am ideas stuck and I will not give the fight up

Now now now (obsession)
I made mistake I’ll not live
Down, down, down (obsession)
And I will do what it takes
Now now now (obsession)
Felt your mind, left behind, 200 lives met their demise

Have I had the right? To hazard these lives?
The sick and dying? With our single minds?
Does the past distort? Distort my view?
And now I’m on to you. (right now) And now it’s time to choose.

Monsters come- in forms of – forms of the unsuspectable
Ah Aaaah Ah. You’ll not take us all. E
Compulsion takes our fate, you close in, bait and detonate.

Noah: Guitar, Vocal
PJ: Lead Guitar
Mike: Bass
Chris: Keys, Backing Vocals
Andy: Drums