Today was a day like any other
It started the same way as every other
Till a guy.. suicide.. oh why?

Heard a voice of a forlorn mother
Then the death of a good friend’s brother
We learn that they are controlled by fear
By an enemy who must adhere
Then I, by design, must subside

I don’t know why I’m forced to feel this awful way
Normally I wouldn’t feel a bit of pain
But there is something very different about today

We’re faced against something quite evil
Could be the death of a million people
Then I, though it’s not right, I try to fight

I don’t know why you won’t just put your trust in me
I’ve proven time and again that my logic is worthy
But there is something very different about me

They hold me down until I can get a grip
This is all like some sort of bad trip
Then I try to hide the pain inside

I am a Vulcan
I am a Vulcan
There is no pain

I can forgive you for reacting in this way
I’d probably have done the same if in your place
And now we know what must be done to save the day
We have to hurry because we’re running out of time
I’ll make the sacrifice and save all humankind
And by the way, I have become quite blind



Mike:  Lead Vocal and Guitar
Patrick:  Backing Vocal and Lead Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal and Keyboard
Noah:  Backing Vocal and Bass
Andy:  Drums