The crew has been fatigued now from so many months in space and they need to take a break
The landing party has beamed down to check out the terrain while the crew gets ready to play
They say there’s only plant life living on this lovely rock but a rodent appears wearing a vest
followed by a blond girl with a terrible accent but at least she gave it her best

Kirk’s tricked by spock
and weapons are hidden under rocks

Sulu shoots a handgun without warning anyone that they might want to stay out of the way
It’s amazing how quickly Angela seems to have moved on after the death of her fiance
She seems so relaxed here that you would not even guess that he died in the last episode
Kirk tells Bones about his days in the academy then he runs into an old foe

Yoeman Barrows screams
Don Juan is not just a dream

I sure want to leave
I think you’d agree

Ruth appears from nowhere and she hasn’t aged a day I think she might be a salt vampire
She might also have the venus drug because Kirk can’t think straight he’s so distracted by her
good thing the antenna didn’t hear what mccoy said, or there’d be armies of don juans around
Sulu sees a samari and then runs into kirk  they figure out the phasers are down

Then spock beams down
They’re trapped until they can figure it out

I sure want to leave
I think you’d agree

McCoy defends Burrows against a Knight on a black horse    and he says that it can’t hurt him
but he goes down in seconds and then Kirk shoots the black knight but it’s too late he’s dead, Jim
someone steals the bodies and then finnegan appears so they get into a brawl
Kirk orders the team to concentrate on standing still and don’t think of anything at all

Some dude walks out and proceeds to explain what it’s all about

I sure want to leave
I think you’d agree
But we cannot leave until we find out what it’s all about

It’s all make believe nothing is permanent down here it’s just an amusement Bones is now alive so it’s okay for him to say “I’m a doctor not a shishka bob”
apparently it’s okay if we trust an unkown race who can read any one of our thoughts.
So be careful what you wish for in this land of dreams come true because you just might get what you want

I sure want to leave
I think you’d agree
But we cannot leave until we find out what it’s all about
I want to know what it’s all about
I want to leave without any doubt
I sure want leave

Mike:  Lead Vocal, Guitar, Drum Machine, Sampler
Patrick:  Backing Vocal and Lead Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal, Keyboard, Sampler
Noah:  Backing Vocal and Bass
Andy:  Backing Vocal and Drums