Lazarus I’ve been thinking…you’re always on my mind
Lazarus you’ve been looking…and I’ve been hard to find
Lazarus there’s solutions …. But you never commit
Lazarus you’ve been scheming….and I play hard to get

But I know that the time will come we’ll both hide-away, and you know that we’ll make it safe, to forever stay, it’s the only way, and all our days with each other

Lazarus it’s confusing, the passions of the heart
Lazarus you reject me, but you are my counterpart
Lazarus your obsessing, but you didn’t always have this fear
Lazarus you’ve been angry, but I really need you here

Under the flashing lights we will dance and fight and while we are so similar, the differences are minimal, but regrettable, it’s incredible

What’s the matter, anti-matter? Oh why does it matter? Why should it matter anywhere…but we can’t be out there…together

We got no time for conversation, we’re always in a rush
I don’t blame you for obsession, but you gotta know your killing us
We gotta hide ourselves from everyone, as a pair we are so dangerous
Ive overlooked all your transgressions, try to understand sweet lazarus

Sure enough, here you are now

Lazarus you’ve been screaming, they all think you’re mad
Lazarus you’re away now, but you always come back

To a place that was made for us, where two men can be
As close as they’ll ever be with our hands around each other’s sleeves, in a holding squeeze

Of our bodies



Noah:  Lead Vocal and Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal and Electric Piano
PJ:  Backing Vocal and Bass
Mike:  Lead Guitar
Andy:  Drums and Percussion