Vaal I stand before you, here to feed you and rejoice
I am your ears, I am your eyes, I am your voice
Vaal you put the fruit up on the tree, you care for all
You cause the sun to shine, you cause the rain to fall,
Vaal I’ve been with you for such a long time (since the dim time)
Up to now, you’ve never steered me wrong,

I do not beg the lightning down to strike me
But it’s something at my core.
And this could be the start of all my heresy
But I’m thinking maybe life is something more.

These strangers here among us, they use words so strange and bold
And stir up feelings that are pleasant and unknown
I know it is forbidden, but now I see it so close up
I want to hold, you know I want to touch
And lately these sensations that are so hard to describe
Cause these questions that linger on my mind

If all good comes from you which we rely on
Can “good” come from ourselves?
And this could be the start of all my heresy,
but I’m tempted by a life of something else

Pav, can the ship really break away?
Martha, I don’t know.
But if we do have to stay here, would it be so very bad?

Vaal I stand before you but you no longer speak
Nor do you eat, or give us what we need
We will learn to build, we’ll learn to think, we’ll learn to work yeah for ourselves
It’s what it means now to be free.

And I thank you for all our days that came before now
But everything has changed
Our life is new and at times a little scary
It’s ok, we’ll make our own way.

Noah: Guitar, Vocal
PJ: Lead Guitar
Mike: Bass
Chris: Keys, Backing Vocals
Andy: Drums