Corbomite Corbomite
An alloy, weapon & device
Space travelers take our advice
It’s indestructible Corbomite

For more than two centuries
All destructive energies
Have been deflected successfully
By indestructible and invincible

Corbomite Corbomite
Defensive deterrent device
Hostile forces will think twice
It’s indestructible Corbomite

Any energy discharge
Even point blank is absorbed
Emitting an equal force
By indestructible and Invincible Corbomite

Hello, my name is Leo Walsh, President and CEO of Corbomite Industries
Pioneered by acknowledged scientist, Frank Corbin, Corbomite is, for the
first time ever, being made available to consumers across the galaxy
Unlike other super alloys used today, Corbomite is rust resistant, has a life
expectancy of over 50 light years per treatment, is light weight and has no
unpleasant side-effects with extended use
And, of course, it’s impervious to attack
But is Corbomite really that impressive you ask?
I like it so much, I bought the company

Corbomite Corbomite
An alloy weapon and device
Space explorers take our advice

It’s incredible
And invincible
And impervious

Now available in gunmetal blue, candy-apple red or classic starship grey. Somebody get me a Tranya…




Patrick:  Lead Vocals and Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocals and Guitar
Noah:  Backing Vocals and Keys
Mike:  Backing Vocals and Bass
Andy:  Drums and Triangle