I tried to reason
I tried to change your mind
But you wouldn’t have a part of that, you just want leave it all behind
So I implore you, please give us a chance
I really don’t think I can live without you
I’d only be half a man

I never wanted this
Oh God I feel so pissed
My rage it burns inside and now I have to hide from everyone I see
They don’t believe it’s me
I may be an angry man but I know who I am

I’m having trouble thinking and I can’t seem to choose
I feel myself falling apart
There’s not much I can do
We belong together
I wish that you could see
I will always be a part of you and you will always be a part of me

What am I going through?
Why did I just hurt you?
I’ve taken this too far and now I’ve got this scar
And there’s no place to go and I don’t really know why I’ve got no love to give
But I still want to live

I want to live




Mike:  Lead Vocal, Rhythm and Lead Guitar and Keyboard
Patrick:  Backing Vocal and Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal and Bass
Noah:  Backing Vocal and Keyboard
Andy:  Drums and Percussion