So close up, if this sickness comes to us and we can’t stay strong enough
It’s not just us who suffer the pain of how it ends, we end everyone.

All our strength seems negative and weak and opposite of what we need.
We sink so deep, into the great and dark unknown, on our lives it feeds.

If we should fail, if we can’t free ourselves or get out in time, remember how we tried.
So stand up tall and be proud of this last goodbye, here’s our final fight.

It takes a bite like a virus might and it wants to multiply, pulling our lives and the stars from the sky
We have to get inside to see what strength or weakness in there lies, everyone hold out for one last try.

I give my life, we give our lives
I give my life, we give our lives


Noah: Guitar, Vocal
PJ: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike: Bass
Chris: Keys, Backing Vocals
Andy: Drums