Confined within this armored shell
No dreams to fall back into
I’m not the same as you would remember me
The change compels me back to you

Unable to make it to you on my own
The danger’s worth the gain
I once feared that reality could be a dream
But now that doesn’t seem all that insane

And now I see that you are me in a different shell
I know the truth and that, for me, is very well
We’ll make them see that there’s no place for me to be
Except with you inside our own menagerie

I’m not your hero
What was I doing in your world, held captive in a daydream zoo?
Now the utopia that I turned away, calls me back to the place where I left you

So we’ll again go to that place that we both made
It’s in a world that can’t exist but that’s okay
For us it’s real and we won’t have to be afraid just to be
Just you and me, inside our own menagerie


Chris:  Lead Vocal and Guitar
Mike:  Backing Vocal, Guitar and Ebow
Patrick:  Lead Guitar
Noah:  Bass
Andy:  Drums and Percussion