Are you up from the Valley? Or a stranger from away?
Are you new to these parts, up here for the festival today?
Are you of the body? You know the Body is one.
Blessed be the body. It is the will of Landru done.

Sometimes I wonder now—what came before, but I forget somehow

You whisper strangely, and you know that’s not our way.
Joy be with you stranger and tranquility today.
Well, it’s almost six now, and the Red Hour is near
Have you got a place to sleep it off? It is the will of Landru here.

I used to be something– I shouldn’t think, I cannot think these things

But we mean you no harm
We’ve got peace in our hearts
And the good it must transcend
And the body is blessed and all parts in good health
And great joy to you my friends.

Landru is gentle- and you know the good is all
Gone are all the ancient evils by the givers of the law
Are you called the Archons? I think we were once like you
But now the unity of good- it keeps us true.

Wish I had a memory—wish I could remember anything

Old computer, ancient reckoner of lives,
Calculator,  programming that’s gone awry,
Our creator, and we still believe it’s wise
Break the rules here,  you will be absorbed  in kind
Happens all the time, it’s no big surprise….but I’m here tonight

I’m up for the red hour- oh oh oh
I’m up for awhile
I’m up for the red hour baby, yeah
I’ll be up for awhile…

Now it’s Festival Time.



Noah:  Lead Vocal and Guitar
PJ:  Backing Vocal and Lead Guitar
Chris:  Backing Vocal and Keyboard
Mike:  Bass
Andy:  Drums

Additional Musicians:

Holly Butler:  Backing Vocal