The Trouble With Tribbles (track 4)

Have you ever wondered just what to do
When the Federation is face-to-face with you?
When their getting in your face and in your way
And you’re so pissed off you don’t know what to say?
Well, you’ve probably needed educated for a while
About how to deal with them crampin’ yo style
Shut up and listen to the tale we tell
And pay attention as we introduce ourselves

The call me Korax.  I serve aboard the Gr’oth
I’m extremely loyal to Captain Koloth.
I’ve always got his back in any fight
We share a blood oath
You might say they’re tight
We were in a pub to grab some grub
When a couple of Earthers started something up
I put ‘em in their place and left their face a mess
They just lucky I wasn’t packing a Bat’leth

I’m Koloth, Q’onos is where I’m from
And if you see me comin’?  Yeah, boy, you better run
I’m warning you to stay outta my space
Or you’ll find a disruptor pointed at your face
I feel the need to warn you about the biggest jerk
He’s a pain in the ass and he goes by Kirk
He messes your shit up and he’s always in your grill
He’s the kind of asshole you just want to kill

Now a Klingon’s got his own way to mate
We don’t court or date or leave it up to fate
The nastier the girl, the more we think she’s fine
And it doesn’t hurt if you have a little Blood Wine
When I want her bad I just start a fight
And before you know it she’s spent the night
We don’t care at all what she has to say
That’s for the humans not the Klingon way

That’s the trouble.  The trouble with humans.

Y’all say “Who’s that?” listen up it’s Kor
Now shut up, I’m gonna tell you what for.
I had my own spat with Kirk a while back
You all know Organia?
Yeah we done occupied that
Until Kirk and Spock lied and I got dissed
They done blew up my guns and got Organians pissed
If they hadn’t forced peace we woulda won
Then in a flash of light they were all just gone

Let me tell you about Kras, he was a badass
Till the day that he and Kirk crossed paths
On Kapella IV he had it under control
When along came that cowardly human troll
Spreading lies about Kras to the people there
Stopping Ma’ab from becoming Te’er
Kras tried to save the Kapellans’ day
But instead he just got blown away

That’s the trouble.   The trouble with humans.

Now, my name is Arne D and I’m really pissed
After one mistake I just got dismissed
I was cooking up a deal at K7 Station
When I got Spock-Blocked by the Federation
I had a master plan you might think was insane
I Snuck aboard K7 and I poisoned the grain
Along came Kirk and those Tribbles, man
I got my ass made and they foiled the plan

If you had your chance to go back in time?
I’d put a bomb in the grain and end Kirk’s life
I hope you all learned a lesson about our way to rumble
Don’t mess with humans, they ain’t nothin but trouble

The trouble with humans.
That’s the trouble.  The trouble with humans.



Mike Rittenhouse:  Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Beats & Scratches
Noah Butler:  Vocals, Beats
Andy Fark:  Vocals, Beats
Chris Spurgin:  Vocals
Patrick O’Connor:  Guitar, Backing Vocals