Priority One distress call
from K-7. Who has the gall?
Baris says it might get kinda crazy.
We have to escort the quadrotriticale.

Klingons on board, there might be a fight.
Just excercising their shore leave rights.
One guard for every Klingon on the station
to avoid an incident and diffuse the situation


Chekov and Uhura hangin’ out at the bar
Cyrrano’s got something under his arm
It’s furry and it’s purring and hers for free
Back aboard the ship there’s a discovery

They’re born pregnant, reproducing like wild
Every 20 seconds there’s a new tribble child
Back at the bar, the Klingons try to get a rise
Scotty gets pissed when they insult the Enterprise



The Trouble With Tribbles
So cute at first and then they multiply
The Trouble With Tribbles
They’re fillin’ up the ship. When will they ever die?
Kirk wants to know who started the mess
Scotty steps up and has to confess
Tribbles everywhere, in the captain’s seat
Back in the hull they ate all the wheat

The cargo’s poisoned, all the tribbles are dead
Millions of tribbles piled up to Kirk’s head
Baris is upset that the shipment’s delayed
Little does he know that he’s been betrayed


The tribbles like everyone
They don’t like Klingons
They like Vulcans
They like you, Mr. Baris. There’s no accounting for taste.
They….don’t like you, Mr. Darvin




Andy Fark:  Lead Vocals, Drums
Patrick O’Connor:  Backing Vocals, Guitar, Lead Guitar
Noah Butler:  Backing Vocals, Bass
Mike Rittenhouse:  Backing Vocals, Guitar
Chris Spurgin:  Backing Vocals

Additional vocals provided by:
Holly Butler